Merlot Barrique


Composed: 100% merlot
Sugar level: Dry
Alcohol level: 14.00% vol
Year: 2004
      Served 14-18 °C

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Merlot Barrique is also one of the most elegant wines in the cellar. It has a charming cherry red colour with scarlet reflection and an intense, rich aroma of fruits and spices. Its bouquet is reminiscent of wild fruits, ripe plums and roses. It is a dry, warm, opulent and harmonious wine. A variety of tertiary aromas, typical of the aging wooden barrels, can be sensed. This vigorous and full-bodied wine has a high level of dry extract. Therefore, the experience of the wine will be much more pleasant if served with smoked dried-meat products.

Stored: Concrete tank 12 months, barrique (220 l) 48 months
Quantity: 0.5 l
Packed: No. Bottles in carton 6, carton weighs 7 kg
Harvest: Hand-picked grapes
Wine color: Cherry red hue with a purple sheen
Aroma of the wine: Intense, rich, fruity and herbal, the bouquet offers aromas of forest fruits, ripe plums, roses and old leather
Taste: Dry, warm, harmonious, oak-flavored due to aging in wooden barrels, full-bodied and robust, with dry extract
Combination with food: Red meat, venison, meat dishes, smoked salami

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