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Presentation of Slovenia in Vienna

Presentation of Slovenia in Vienna at the beginning of Slovenia’s presidency of the European Union.

Wine tasting

vmes_kozarec.jpg Visitors of our wine cellar are invited to the wine tasting room, where they can peacefully enjoy and explore new, interesting shades of our wines’ flavour, colour and aroma. Human senses are influenced by the mood and atmosphere. Our wine tasting room is fitted with a carefully chosen combination of lamps and wood, which gives the room the natural shades of light, reminiscent of those emitted by candles.
Before tasting the wine, the wine taster briefly introduces it, and afterwards shares his/her opinion of the characteristics of an individual wine sample.
Guided wine tasting includes a visit to the wine cellar and refreshments with prosciutto and cheese.
Our wine tasting room accommodates 50 people. The car park in front of the cellar is big enough for two buses and several cars.
You are kindly invited to attend this little cultural event. Should you like to make an appointment for this wine tasting experience, please contact Borut at +386 (0)41 485 971.


Wine cellars

The Zaloščan wine cellar, owned by the family of Anton Slejko, markets its wines under the established brand name of De Adami. The wines carry the name of a venerable monk who lived in the village of Zalošče in the 16th century and who is still very much alive in the stories told among the people.


Dedication to nature and work is a part of the Slejko family. Venceslav Slejko (1913 – 2008) took over the running of the family farm at the early age of thirteen. His father Anton fought on the Russian front, where he fell sick with typhus. In 1975, Venceslav and Zvonko (1949) decided to focus their attention only on wine and fruit growing. Today, Venceslav and his two sons, Borut (1973) and Mitja (1981), are slowly giving up on the fruit-growing business, and focusing all their attention on the winegrowing.

Guests from Japan taste our wines

medium_000164.JPGIn May 2009, we welcomed guests from Japan who were brought to Slovenia by St Martin’s Brotherhood. They were taken through the de Adami wine cellar and familiarized with our wines.

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