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Chardonnay barrique 2007

vmes_Chardonnay barique.jpg

Mušketir 2016


Laški Rizling 2010

vmes_Sivi pinot.jpg

RIESLING is a pleasant dry white wine, whose character is complemented by a distinctive bouquet and a full taste.

Vintage 2010, dry, alcohol 12,5 %vol.

Beli pinot 2016

vmes_Beli pinot.jpg
Pinot Blanc, this handsome sort, is reflected in our basement with a bright yellow color. It boasts of a rich bouquet, which promise to be completed in full and rich flavor.

Letnik 2016, suho, alkohol 12,5 %vol.

Sauvignon 2016

SAUVIGNON BLANC is a unique dry white wine of light straw colour. The characteristic bouquet of this wine variety, in which basil scent prevails, is mature and pleasant.

Vintage 2016, dry, alcohol 13,5 %vol.

Zelen 2016

vmes_Zelen.jpgThis indigenous Vipava wine is of bright green-yellow colour, hence its name (Zelen means green). It is an aromatic, white and lively wine. Due to its intense aroma, it used to be dubbed “fragrance”. The vine-friendly cultivation emphasizes its fragrant character. The bouquet is both soft and bold at the same time, pleasant and stunningly aromatic. Its distinguishable flavour is an experience of elegance, richness and harmony. Together with the Pinela wine, they represent a traditional wine pair, the wine-growing Vipava valley cannot do without. The wine goes well with simple local (Vipava) cuisine dishes and other light Mediterranean dishes, potato dishes and home-made pasta dishes.

Vintage 2016, dry, alcohol 11,50 %vol.

Rebula 2015

vmes_rebula.jpg This old varietal, unjustly neglected in the past decades, gives an excellent wine of bright green-yellow colour, ideal to be served as an aperitif. Its freshness is pleasant and elegant, while its bouquet is reminiscent of flowers and fresh fruits. Usually we drink it in a year or two, but harvests in the last decade prove that, if properly cultivated (with as little interference as possible), it is possible to make an outstanding Rebula wine, completely different from those made several decades ago. The flavour of the wine is soft and elegant, appealing and special at the same time. Its freshness is harmonious; therefore, it pairs well with local cuisine dishes and white meat dishes, pasta, potatoes and other light side dishes.

Vintage 2015, dry, alcohol 11,5 %vol.

Pinot Noir, 2009

vmes_Modri pinot.jpg This premium dry red wine enchants all those who prefer lighter red wines. It is undoubtedly one of the best Pinot noir wines in the Vipava valley. Its bouquet and aroma, as well as its flavour of fresh wild fruits win the hearts of many wine lovers. In the Zaloščan wine cellar, the wine grape variety, otherwise known for its moodiness, exhibits its harmonious character, which goes well with typical Vipava valley dishes as well as other lighter meat dishes.

Vintage 2009, dry, alcohol 13,5 %vol.

Pinela 2015

vmes_Pinela.jpg One of the oldest Vipava wine grape varieties, more feminine than Zelen wine, but no less interesting, fresh and popular. And it has been so for centuries. The wine boasts with gentle bright green-yellow colour, intense bouquet reminiscent of various flowers and fruits, especially citrus fruits and peaches. The flavour is rounded off with pleasant and fresh acids, bringing together other characteristics of this noble wine and making it harmonious. Because the wine is easy-drinking, it goes well with home-made prosciutto and other meat dishes, fish and seafood dishes.

Vintage 2015, dry, alcohol 13,0 %vol.

Merlot 2008

Merlot (Medium)_0.jpg This Merlot, the French king of red wines (in the opinion of many people), is undoubtedly the leading wine of the Zaloščan wine cellar. This is especially true of older vintages. A special feature of the Vipava Merlot wines is their freshness or liveliness which is not typical of this wine grape variety. The appealing cherry red colour of the wine is crystal clear, while its bouquet is reminiscent of a number of red fruits and wild fruits, in which we can already sense some tertiary aromas, typical of the vintage red wines. The very flavour of the wine reminds us of ripe fruit and wood, whereas the pleasant and smooth tannins fit well in the wine’s vigorous and full body. Undoubtedly, this wine has a bright future ahead. In the following five years, it will gain in its quality if stored correctly.

Vintage 2008, dry, alcohol 13,5 %vol.

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