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vina iz spodnje vipavske doline

Merlot, 1996

03_0.jpg This big wine seduces us with its ruby red colour with pomegranate shades. Its aroma, suggestive of flowers and fruits, is rich, bold and distinct. Regardless of the vintage, the wine is still very expressive. When we taste the wine, the aromas reminiscent of jam, candied fruits, bitter almonds and dates, spices, wood and fine tobacco do not disappoint. Its velvety tannins do not stand out in any way. It is a wine with a high level of extract, mineral flavour and a lingering aftertaste. Moreover, this dry and warm wine with perceptible and pleasant acid feeling offers a delightful experience, especially to wine connoisseurs.

Vintage 1996, dry, alcohol 13,3 %vol.

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