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Chardonnay 2016

ChardonayThis French vintage wine grape variety found its way to this part of the Vipava valley, where the soil is suitable for its growing. Skilled winemakers made it into a wine that fascinates both the wine admirers and connoisseurs. The character of this vigorous and full-bodied wine is slightly exotic. Regardless of the vintage, the wine keeps the vivid shades of straw yellow. It boasts with a promising subtle and fragrant bouquet. The smell of the wine reminds us of dry bananas, while we can sense vanilla and caramel in its tertiary aromas. The flavour of this Chardonnay is, without a doubt, very rich with a multitude of senses. It sports a subtle taste of wood and coconut, sensed long after the glass has been emptied.

Vintage 2016, dry, alcohol 13,5 %vol.

© 2018 De Adami Zaloščan d.o.o., Splet: Marko Baša, fotograf: Zavadlav Radivoj