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Dedication to nature and work is a part of the Slejko family. Venceslav Slejko (1913 – 2008) took over the running of the family farm at the early age of thirteen. His father Anton fought on the Russian front, where he fell sick with typhus. In 1975, Venceslav and Zvonko (1949) decided to focus their attention only on wine and fruit growing. Today, Venceslav and his two sons, Borut (1973) and Mitja (1981), are slowly giving up on the fruit-growing business, and focusing all their attention on the winegrowing.

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Družina Slejko
Nataša Borut (3. gen)in sin Jakob (4. gen)
Sin Domen (4. gen)
Mojca (3. gen) in sin Matija (4. gen)
Venceslav (+2008), (1. gen)
Mitja (3. gen)
Zvonko (Anton), (2. gen)

However, our success does not come only from the roots of our vines, but also from the roots of our family, passed on from Venceslav and Anton to all our family members. Wife Božena is in charge of the vineyard cultivation, while the father and the two sons are responsible for the mechanical cultivation of vineyards, for cellaring and sales. Daughter Mojca is in charge of the financial sector of the family business. Eventually, the children will follow the example of their parents who teach them to give the vine a lot of love and to respect the wine.


One needs to take some time for every wine. (Anton (Zvonko) Slejko)


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